No OTC,DEV or Early Wallet. 100% Owned by the community

Total Supply: 20,000 ZZZ

Initial Supply to Uniswap: 15,000 ZZZ – 20 ETH

Supply reserved for rewards: 5000 ZZZ (5000 Pool A)

Liquidity Pools

Pool A - Balancer

5,000 ZZZ tokens rewards

To contribute to Pool A, users simply have to stake their BPT tokens. BPT tokens can be obtained by providing liquidity to the 98% DAI – 2% ZZZ pool available on balancer. Pool A will drip rewards 3 hours after uniswap listing

Individuals who stake their BPT tokens to Pool A will be rewarded a share of 5,000 ZZZ tokens over a period of 10 weeks.

Pool B - Uniswap

547 UNISWAP-V2 token rewards

Pool B will allow us to give back to the community. Users can stake their ZZZ tokens in Pool B to gain a share of the Liquidity on UNISWAP-V2. Owners of the UNISWAP V2 tokens can then remove ETH/ZZZ tokens from UNISWAP, based on how much they own.

Individuals who stake their ZZZ tokens to Pool B will be rewarded a share of 547 UNISWAP-V2 tokens over a period of 10 weeks.


Liquidity tokens from Uniswap will be sent to Pool B. Hence, the only way to get ownership of this Liquidity is to stake ZZZ tokens.

With the fair distribution of ZZZ tokens via the initial Uniswap Sale + Pool A farming, this ensures that the Liquidity is spread evenly to all community holders.

The ZZZ token has the admin keys already burnt, and no new tokens can be minted. This makes it impossible for a third party to drain any Liquidity pools.


This is a community project and can be seen by the fact that 100% of the coins is held by the community.

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